A blog about the adventures or misadventures of an occassional crossdresser. Writing about why's, when's, how's or what's that I like about dressing in womens clothes.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Fun With Hair

I have a few fun stories about me dressing so this will be the first episode of Real Adventures In Crossdressing. This is a true account and I'm telling you up front it does not end up Penthouse Forum style so just relax and enjoy.

In March of 2005, I had been growng my hair out for sometime and decided it was time to have some fun with it. It was March after all and is was time for one of my twice a year Becky weekends. I decided I would try to convince a hairstylist to do somthing girly with my hair as a goof. I picked a tiny salon near my house and set up an appointment on a Thursday afternoon. I sat in my car for about five minutes gathering my courage and working on my story before heading in. For any closet dressers out there you are probably very familiar with this. Spending time walking past a Victorias Secret with your stomach in knots waiting for just the right time to go in. Thinking what if someone I know sees me or what if the salegirl suspects I am shopping for me. Thankfully I am a little more courageous now but its one of those I feel like I'm doing something wrong things. Anyways...

Once I gathered my courage to go in the salon the place was basically empty and I was introduced to my stylist. She was a cute little 5'3" blonde who I was guessing was in her lower 30's. She asked if I was just here for a haircut and I decided to try my luck. I told her my "story" about how my friends wife kept bugging me about my long hair and wondered when I was going to get a permamnent or something. I was going to help him drywall later that day and wanted to surprise his wife by showing up with a girls cut. She had a confused look on her face but said ok. She wanted to know if I had anything in mind and I told her she was the expert and to do what she thought best. She thought curls would be too old lady and suggested I have my hair frosted.

As I settled in she started mixing the hair color and explained the process. Never having had my hair dyed before it was interesting. We talked and I explined how I would just be getting it cut again tomorrow trying to make my backstory feasible. Eventually we just started making small talk. She asked where I lived and and where I grew up, that sort of thing. When I told her what high school I had attended she said me too. She asked what year I graduated and it turns out the random stylist I found to give me a girls haircut was in my graduating class. Exactly the kind of thing a closet crossdresser fears. Does she know my friends? Will she tell someone who knows someone I do? Luckily my graduating class was about a thousand people. We asked several did you know Tom? No? Did you know Kelly? type of questions. We had run with different crowds and didn't have any classes together.

After she had about a hundred of those little tinfoil squares in my hair and brushed every other layer in hair color she put me under the dryer for about fifteen minutes. When I was done she made a big show about the big reveal turned me away from the mirror. Of course, there was a mirror on the other wall but I need glasses to see far things anyways. I still closed my eyes wanting the surprise as much as she did. She took the foil out and turned me back towards her mirror. I was a little shocked not having been blonde before. It hadn't been styled yet but it was definately blonde.

She spent quite a bit of time putting in some product and blowdrying plenty of body into it. I paid close attention to what she was doing because I would need to do the same thing over the course of the weekend. In the end, the back and top was very full, she set aside some bangs to pull forward and curl under. The photo shows my attempt the next day to get the same style she had done at the salon. As she finished up and we walked to the front of the salon she said she was glad I agreed to the frosting. Then she said and I quote, "This way you look like a proper young lady." Which was pretty cool and funny. If only she knew how appropriate her comment was.

I did see her again at our high school reunion about five months later. The haircut never came up, she was about three sheets to the wind and my parents had just passed away. She was very kind and told me she was sorry to hear about my parents. So I hadn't seen this girl in twenty years and here I had seen her twice in five months and the first time I I asked her to make my hair look like a girls. It just goes to show you, no matter how safe you think you are being, be ready for anything.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dressing Season

I am a crossdresser. I have spent the better part of my life trying to understand why I do it. To tell you the truth I really don't have a good explanation, I just know that I like it. Early on, during my teenage years, there was the thrill of doing something taboo. I would dress up in pantyhose and slips I found in my mothers dresser when my parents were out. I was always careful to put things back where I had found them. Eventually I got lazy and my hobby was discovered by my parents. That wasn't much fun but it didn't stop me from wanting to dress up.

During college and after I started to aquire my own items that I kept hidden away and would sometimes find time to enjoy my special hobby. Again, part of the alure was keeping a secret that I was sure no one else would understand. Then about ten years ago I was living in my own house with a roommate. My crossdressing evolved into something different. It was no longer about sneaking around but it became about trying to achieve a complete look. It was more than just pantyhose and slips. I started to buy dresses, wigs, makeup all to better achieve a completely female form. Eventually my roommate moved out and I could dress whenever I wanted. Sneaking about had lost its appeal.

Over the last five years I have fallen into a pretty standard pattern of dressing. In the fall, just after I start to wear long pants again, I am able to remove any extra bodyhair that I have. And I have a lot of body hair. Where I used to be able to just pull on a pair of pantyhose, now I can't stand the look or feel unless my legs have been shaved. This is why I wait until the fall to start dressing again. I am also able to remove armhair because I can just wear long sleeve shirts to cover up. This usually satisfies my desire to dress for a while and then I might shave it all off agin in March. This gives me time to grow things back to normal before Summer.

Fall is just around the corner and I find myself starting to look forward to "dressing" season. I don't know why I decided to blog about this sort of thing. Maybe you are interested, maybe not, maybe its not about you reading it but more about me writing about it. I might write about the things I plan to do this year or things I have done in the past. Who knows, I might just write about sports if thats what I feel like. All I know is that I am a seasonal crossdresser and fall is coming up fast.