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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fun With Immersion

As I prepare for my photo session in a couple of weeks I think back to my week in London in 2006 and how much fun it is to do a real photoshoot. I have played around with digital photography at home plenty of times, but there is something special about a professional photoshoot. Its nice to have someone else's perspective on things. They can give you real feedback on how a particular pose looks or if your facial expression is good or bad or if you have lipstick on your teeth. I found the number of quality photos is significantly higher. By quality photo I mean one that looks somewhat like me looking like a girl versus a guy in a dress. I highly recommend trying this if you have the means.

I have come to a point where I like trying all the fun things girls get to do when getting ready for a big night. Dressing is fun but immersion is really fun. As I was preparing for the upcoming shoot I remembered something my girlfriend asked me last Halloween. Yes, my girlfriend knows, which is cool but she is still acclimating to it. She has been very supportive and will talk issues out with me but I don't know if she wants to see me dressed or not. Short story quick, I thought it would be better to tell her early on in the relationship versus being discovered. She was happy I told her and has been great about it since I told her almost a year ago. Back to what she asked me last Halloween; "Why don't you do it for more than just one night or a couple of nights in a row?" It was a pretty good question and I decided to try a long weekend this time - morning, noon and night.

I had mentioned in a previous post that I had a waxing consultation. The esthetician tried three different test spots which allowed me to see how painful it was, how long it lasted, those kinds of things. It wasn't too painful and the irritation was minimal, so I am happy to say I have a full body wax scheduled for February 20th. That will give me three days before the shoot to get rid of the redness from the waxing. This is my first step in immersion.

Secondly, I have painted my nails before, I have had a nail technician paint my nails before, I have glued on false nails before but I have never had a full set of acrylics. Side note: My girlfriend did invite me along to a manicure pedicure with her about a month ago, it was fun but it was a manly mani-pedi for me. Back to the upcoming event. I found a salon and asked if they would be OK with a man getting a pedicure with polish and a full set of nails. I would rather people were aware of what I want going in so it is easier for me and for them. I don't like to force my hobby on anyone that isn't interested. They made sure their nail tech was OK with it and now I have an appointment scheduled for Feb 22nd. This will allow me to keep the nails for the entire weekend.

Thirdly, also in a different previous post "Fun With Hair" I talked about my coloring done at the salon. My hair isn't long enough to try that again and I am a little bored with the wigs I have. Mostly because they are small and give me a headache if I wear them for too long. So in order keep on with the immersion theme, I had a lace front wig made. If you are not familiar, this is the kind of wig that Beyonce, Tyra Banks or RuPaul would wear. It is made of human hair and is adhered to your head for days or weeks depending on how long you want to wear it. It is also sized specifically for your head. It was expensive but I am looking forward to seeing how it looks and lasts.

I also just ordered a new set of breast forms off E-Bay that are self adhering too. I don't know how they will work out, they were $100 which is pretty cheap for breast forms. I am hoping they give the right weighting on my chest. Beyond that it is just the same old, same old. Trying to find cute outfits for the photo shoot and to wear around the house all weekend. It's a tough job but somebody has to do it.