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Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year, New Plans

I have always enjoyed pinup art, the femininity the models convey is always something I wish I could achieve in my pictures. I have been lucky enough to have had an opportunity to try my hand at modeling a few times while dressed. The last time was in London in December of 2006. I am currently trying to set up another shoot sometime in February.

I was surfing around a few months back and I happend upon a web site that had photography for pinups. What's even better is that the studio is in my hometown. The concept for the studio was a burlesque dancer went to her photographer friend for some pinup photos for herself. This blossomed into a the idea that maybe there are women out there who want to have these kinds of photos for themselves. Kind of a retro/pinup Glamour Shots.

Since I thought this was this was the best idea ever, I decided to contact them. I explained my situation, no sense in surprising the photographer when you show up in drag. The dancer sets up the shot, does the makeup and those sorts of things. She e-mailed me back and said she had never worked with crossdressers before, at least in pinup photography, and said she would be glad to help.

This was two months ago and I have been waiting patiently to set up the appointment. Based on my schedule and my two times per year dressing up plan, I figured mid February was my best option. I sent off an e-mail the other day to schedule and I am now waiting for the reply.

In the last two months I have been diligently planning the shots I want to do. I will be going for the five photo's plan which will allow me to have a few different wardrobe changes. There are essentially two kinds of pinup shots. The "Oops" moment where the girl is "caught" in a situation with her delicates exposed. The other is just your basic look at me in my undies shot but tastefully done. I, of course, plan on doing both of these.

The studio web site suggests that you tweeze thos brows, shave/wax those legs and bikini area and polish those nails. All wonderful ideas as far as I am concerned. I found a waxing specialist and have set up a test appointment where I can have questions answered and have two test spots done for this upcoming Saturday. This is something I hae always wanted to try and I just might do it this time around assuming the test hair removal doesn't scare me away.

Next on my list is nails. I have had manicures before with a polish but I have never had a full acrylic set. I think this would be a perfect time to try. This also would mean having to remove them. I am going to do a little research on this but I think it can be done without issues. Since I will be having the nails done anyways I figure I might want to keep them for a few days too. My plan right now is to take a couple days off around a weekend and work from home one day. This would allow me to keep them for four or five days. I might just have to dress up for that many days. Oh, woes me!

Lastly, I have been looking for some fun retro clothing and lingerie. So far I have a dress picked out I want to buy. I also have made a purchase of an open bottom girdle and bullet bra. For one photo I plan to wear the girdle and bra with nylons and heels while I am "ironing" my dress before a big night out look.

Thats all for now, I will share more details as they come about. I might even post some pics here when I am done.