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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wax On, Wax Off

All I had ever heard about was how painful waxing is. They make fun of it in movies and on television, I've discussed it at bars and in private with girls who have had it done, I guess I needed to find out for myself. So on the Wednesday before my photo shoot I set up an appointment for a waxing.

Let me back up a little. Two months before my photo shoot I was researching waxing and I found an esthitician who had a private business doing waxings and that was all he did. I sent an email and he was generous enough to set up a free consultation.
He answered my questions about how long it would take, how long the hair would take to grow back, cost, and those sort of things. He explained how you need to follow the hairs growth patterns and how the movies made it look more painful than it really was for effect, he was very knowledgeable. When I asked him about the pain he said everyone is wired differently. He then did a couple of test spots on my arm, thigh and back. Little Band Aid size strips and warm wax cautioning that the wax might feel hot but wouldn't burn. A quick pull and the hair was gone. I was surprised at how easy and seemingly painless it was. So I set up an appointment the Wednesday before my photoshoot.

When I showed up he had me strip down and climb under the modesty sheet before he came back in to start the waxing. He started on my back, which I am lucky in that I don't have a lot of back hair. The wax was very warm and once he applied the strip, which was no longer the size of a band aid, it seemed about 2 inches wide and a foot long. The shoulders and upper back were no problem, I thought this was going to be a breeze. When he reached my lower back, where I had a little more hair, it started to hurt some. Sort of like touching a hot pan on the stove for a second. My back was done and I had survived, things were going along fine.

Then he started in on my legs. Now my legs are pretty hairy normally and you need to have at least 1/4 inch of hair in order to wax successfully. Again with the wax and the linen strip was applied and off it came. Ouch! It really does hurt. I will again go back to the touching a hot pan analogy but the thing with the hot pan is...you don't keep going back for more. This kept on and on and on, then you get a little break and you realize I have another leg to go, and my arms, and then I have to turn over and do the front. It really, really hurt.

After my legs were done front and back, I was lying on my back as he moved on to work on my arms. We had been discussing all sorts of topics and I changed the subject asking if anyone had ever just said "I can't take it anymore, I quit." He said that in all the years he had been waxing people no one had ever quit on him. He asked if I wanted to quit and I said no I was just curious but deep down I wanted to know that I was at least a little braver than some one else and for sure I didn't want to be the first person to quit.

The entire process went on for about two hours. I realize now that I would not do very well in a torture situation. I do not like pain. To be fair, the esthitician was very good, the pic above is of my legs. He was a good listener and talker trying to keep your mind off the pain and moving at a good pace. He kept asking how I was faring or if we should take a break. So I bear him no ill will. It just really hurts.

My initial plan had been a waxing from the neck down, including the private bits. This, in fact, was his area of expertise. But after the two hours I had been though I was ready to call it quits. We had discussed why I had chosen to get a waxing and my crossdressing plans for Saturday, so he knew the look I was trying to achieve. In the end I settled on cleaning up the bikini area and my backside if I wanted to wear a thong. But the genitals got a late pardon from the governor.

The day after I felt and looked a little like a plucked chicken. I had little red spots where each hair had been pulled out by the roots. I put on the lotion he had given me for the next couple of days and soon enough it felt like a mild sunburn and then it was just smooth, pale skin. I didn't get hair growing back until about a week later and even then if was very light. I was able to wear stockings very comfortably for an extended period of time which is a very fun thing for me. Even now, six weeks afterwards, I have just enough growth on my arms that I can start to wear short sleeve shirts again.

Would I do it again? Maybe. When talking with the makeup artist for my shoot she said that her friend takes a valium before hand. Maybe something to help dull the pain first would help. All I know is nothing feels sexier than a pair of nylons sliding up a hairless leg. Yummy!