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Monday, September 24, 2007


The topic for this entry is hair. Not the good kind of hair like Debra Messing has on top of her head. I'm talking about the legs, arms, chest and belly hair that makes me look like the wolfman.

Early on in my crossdressing career I was enamored of the constrictive feel of a bra wrapped around my chest or panyhose encasing my legs. That along with the adrenalin rush from sneaking away to enjoy dressing was enough for me. Now I live alone and can dress when I want. As my crossdressing desires have evolved I have discovered an esthetic quality to it now that has become more important than just dressing alone.

I really don't like dressing now unless I am able to enjoy how much nicer stockings look and feel on a cleanly shaven leg. That has trickled over to other areas too. A bra doesn't look pretty when there are stray chest hairs poking out. A halter top dress looks gross if I have hairy underarms not to mention a forest of armhair. So I choose to get rid of it. The hair, not the halter top dress.

To reiterate, I am not public about my dressing tendancies. So in the summer, it would be very noticable if I went golfing with my buddies and I had clean shaven legs and arms. So I have taken to a seasonal shaving schedule. Right around Halloween and again in early March I am able to shave from the neck down and I enjoy a full weekend of silky soft bliss.

Here is a hint - while in the shower spread baby oil all over your clean shaven skin. Rinse it off but don't wash it off. The baby oil seals in the moisture and your skin feels like butter. I learned this from an ex-girlfriend. Yummy! One warning though, thigh high's don't work well if you do this, wear stockings and a garter belt. The elastic will slide right down your smooth legs.

Now back to the silky soft bliss. Shaving usually lasts for a couple of days before I start to see stubble. The worst part is the red bumps around those sensative areas. Stubble I can get rid of, but the bumps are there for a good week or so and I don't suggest shaving over them. This limits my dressing to a few short days twice a year. I would really like to try something a little longer lasting.

I have thought abuot getting waxed for about three years now but...someone will mention how much it hurts or I will watch The 40 Year Old Virgin waxing scene and I talk myself out of it. I still want to see for myself how bad it really is though. I am again thinking this is the year to try it. I really want more than just a couple days of stubble free legs.

I have plans on talking to a waxing technician just to get their opinion on the whole process. I already have found a salon on the web who waxes male customers. Feel free to share your stories or comments.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Wedding Dress

It didn't take too long before I hit a lull and didn't write something in a while so here is another episode of Real Adventures in Crossdressing. I enjoyed writing about my hair coloring adventure and I thought I might enjoy writing about another adventure of mine. Writing helps me remember the event in more detail than just looking at the pictures. The adventure is the fun part.

I had just ordered my first wedding gown off of E-Bay. Yes I said my first. There's a little foreshadowing for another Real Adventure. When it finally arrived, I immediately had to try it on and was a little disappointed when I couldn't get the zipper to stay up. I eventually found the back hook closure at the top of the zipper and just like that, the zipper stayed in place and it fit like a dream. The bodice was off the shoulder with long sleeves, there was a full skirt with layers of soft tulle that puffed out nicely with the hoop skirt I had ordered with it.

At the time, I had been attending night classes at the local community college and had become familiar with the Japanese Gardens on campus. Since it was around Halloween when my gown arrived I naturally put two and two together and thought, "Wouldn't it be cool to have a bridal shot with such a lovely background." and I could always blame getting caught on Halloween. I decided to scout it out one Saturday evening and as I pulled into the parking lot I discovered I was not the only person with this idea. There was an actual wedding happening as I drove up. I made a mental note that Saturday afternoon/evening was not a good idea and decided I would try Sunday morning.

That Sunday I woke up at 6:00am and started to prepare for my wedding shot. After makeup and getting dressed, I loaded my car with my camera, a set of emergency male clothes, I even had a tupperware bowl with water and a washcloth if I needed a quick clean up. I put the hoop skirt in the back of my pickup and climbed into my truck. If your looking for a challenge, try to get a full length gown situated behind the wheel of your car. It's not as simple as it might sound. Every now and again I get a glimpse of what a real girls world is like. Now I know why brides rent limosines.

When I finally pulled in at 8:30 there was a single car in the parking lot but it was parked right at the Gardens. I decided I might take a few shots on the walking path from the back parking lot to the school proper. It was a nicely wooded path where I could have some privacy. Much to my disgust I found an early morning tennis match taking place and had no way of discretely donning my hoop skirt and taking my camera off to the woods without the people playing tennis seeing me.

I looped back to the Gardens and found the lone car was pulling out of the spot leaving me all alone in the lot. I pulled my vehicle into the closest spot, quickly scanned the area and hopped out. After grabbing my camera, tripod and veil, I went to the bed of my truck to get my hoop skirt from the back and slip it on. Just as I stepped into it, I saw a big pickup pull into the lot. I quickly jammed everything back in the cab, including myself in my full gown and now hoop skirt, backed up and pulled away. Remember how hard it was to fit in the cab with just the dress, now I had on a hoop skirt. Anyways, I made another loop through the back lot and back to see a construction worker setting up to do some work on the sidewalk right by the Gardens. Come On!!! Construction! On a Sunday morning!?!?

I drove back past the tennis match and out to what is affectionally known as the Back 40. This was the overflow parking lot that was way out there from the college building. I managed to set up up for about five shots, it was really windy and the sun was too high in the sky so my eyes were all squinty and the shots look over exposed. I packed up my things and returned home with a failed mission. I immediately decided to try again the following week.

That next Sunday, I woke up at 4:00am to prepare for my day. After loading up the truck with the same gear as last time, I got all dressed up and pulled out of my driveway in the pre dawn light. An uneventful drive took me to the Gardens with the sun just brightening the day and the parking lot all to myself. I took out my camera and tripod, this time I just grabbed my underskirt and veil and decided it's now or never. I left the relative safety of my truck behind me and walked the hundred yards to the entrance of the Gardens. I saw that the large wooden door was closed and I breathed a sigh of relief as I discovered the latch was not locked. I felt a little better closing the door behind me but still felt very exposed in such a public space.

I managed to step into my hoop skirt make a few adjustments and get my veil in place before I wandered the Gardens to take my photos. There were so many little places to take a great photo. There was an arching bridge leading up to a small pagoda, a long wooden bridge over the pond and a grassy little knoll with a small waterfall behind it. I managed to walk around for half an hour taking lots of photos before I decided I had pressed my luck enough for one day. I also managed to to make it back to my car without encountering a single person. All in all it was quite a fun little adventure.