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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Halloween 2007 - part 2

OK, its been a while. I freely admit that I tend to fall out of habits for long periods of time. I do the same thing with exercise, which reminds me... Anyways, back to my Halloween adventure.

About a month before Halloween the dress arrived. I was giddy with excitement as I opened the package and pulled out what appeared to be a very well made dress. The noticed the fabric was very heavy and as I found the back zipper it looked by sight like it might just fit. I quickly undressed down to my boxers and stepped into my wedding dress for the first time. I soon discovered that measurements via e-mail are not as accurate as one would hope. The dress fit fantastic from the waist down but I clearly needed some help in the bust area. It was a strapless dress so pretty much had to fit right upstairs. I made a second attempt with a bustier and some padding but it was clear that the dress was just too big.

I found a few alteration shops and called, left voicemails, sent e-mails, explaining my situation and didn't have much luck. Finally, I found a seamtress who was willing to help me out. If you've never had alterations done to a wedding dress before, they can be pricey. She quoted me about $200 over the phone and I was a little shocked. I said I would think about it and eventually my desire to be a bride won out and I scheduled a visit. She was impressed with the quality of the dress considering it was ade in China and won on EBay. After pinning in the back she said it would be ready a week before the party. She even talked me into adding a bustle so I wouldn't have to carry around the train all night long. I'm quite grateful she did too.

Still one month before the party and just before the dress arrived, I thought I would try to disguise my intentions a little better. I called my friend Mark who I thought would be brave enough to be a bridesmaid. Once I had him on the team I enlisted the help of another friends wife, Angie, to convince her husband Art to join in the fun. We all got together and with Angie's help picked out the bridesmaid dresses. We found a website that had pretty inexpensive dresses and while I wanted them to go with the red, they were a little shy and picked out black. (Mark is in the pic on the left, Kayla from the previous post is on the right) The dresses were halter top so adjusting the size would not be an issue. Shoes were left to my bridesmaids. I let them know I was planning on going all out but again they were timid and claimed they didn't want to outshine the bride.

After my bridesmaids were settled on, there was more planning for my special night. I found a cute white satin shoe that had a two inch heel. I would be on my feet most of the night and didn't want to tire out. I also ordered up some new lingerie: a new white bustier as the dress was strapless, new panties and white stay up stockings. I toyed with the idea of garters but the dress was mermaid style so it was tight on the thighs and I didn't want to appear improper. I also called a couple of makeup artists both of whom were willing to hire their services to me but I went with the one with a more professional web site. We met once before the party so I could explain what I was looking for and she was up for the job. The best part was she would come to my house to do my makeup.

About one week before the party I went to pick up my altered dress. When I tried it on it fit like a glove, a good seamstress is a wonderful thing. Lisa had done an amazing job that was well worth the money, she even posed for a couple of pics with me in the dress, without any makeup of course.

Finally it was party weekend. That Friday before work I sent an e-mail to my bridesmaids wives that if they wanted to see the transformation they were welcome to show up at 3:00 on Saturday. They are part time stay at home moms and have a little bit of free time. Friday night I went about removing any excess body hair. Let me tell you I have planty of extra hair, I spent the better part of an hour using clippers just getting ready to shave. I also had a hair issue to work on. I had been growing my hair out for some time, not long enough to get a girls style but long enough that I could use hair clip-ons instead of a full wig. I'm sure any crossdress knows how hot a wig can get. The problem was that the clip-ons were darker than my hair, they were almost black and I have brown hair. So I tried a temporary hair dye which worked out ok but was very, very messy.

Maybe I should post a Part Three or this will be very long and that way I get to post another picture. You won't have to wait long. I will post them both the same day.


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